IAC Reports

The IISL annually provides reports on the IAC Sessions of the Colloqiua on the Law of Outer Space. Rapporteurs are selected among the IISL Members. 

With the IAC Reports, the IISL aims to encourage communication between the participants of the IAC, and to promote their research. The IISL outlines such work and provide a report of the topics addressed each year. 

The sessions of the 2020 Colloquium on the Law of outer space were: 

  1. IISL Young Scholars session and Dr. Jasentuliyana Keynote lecture by a leading space law expert 
  2. Moon and Mars Settlement: Open Legal Issues
  3. Legal Implications of Evolving Remote Sensing Technologies
  4. Application of space law to cyber activities – Report
  5. National space law developments with particular focus on the Middle East region
  6. E3.5. 35th Joint IISL/IAA Roundtable: Autonomous Intelligent Systems in Space: Operational and Legal Challenges.
  7. Space Law in a Networked World – Report
    Virtual Presentations

The very first IISL Colloquium in 1958 in The Hague – with Dr. M. Smirnoff, Prof. E. Pépin, Prof. I. Diederiks-Verschoor, A. Haley and Dr. F. Gerlach (from left to right).